Welcome to my web site! I have been a lover of colorful art since a youngster and through my life I collected watercolor pencils, liquid paints, and pans of stunning colors, using them only later in life. As I grew older, I fell in love with the impressionists and abstract expressionists, especially Kandindsky, Klee, Dufy, and O’Keefe. I was amazed: How do they do it? Where do those forms and intense colors come from? What imagination!

Though I always worked in many types of artistic media, I started to paint watercolors in the mid 1990s while living in Florida. My palette quickly morphed into bright colors, inspired by the magical everglades, birds, exotic flowers, and ever-changing ocean. Painting watercolors helped me see the world differently, always striving to express what I see in new forms and colors.

Through painting, I have also become more peaceful and reflective. I learned to look at things intentionally, with patience and new eyes. Taking the time to look at what gives me joy and then paint it gives me a greater appreciation of the world’s grandeur. The quiet and solitude of painting take me inward so that I am more in touch with the beauty within that is available to us all. My soul delights in beauty!

People have called my art whimsical, joyful, passionate, spontaneous, exuberant, sometimes like folk art, at other times expressionistic. I believe that who I am is expressed in these pieces, for I see myself within the finished works. For me, beauty is somehow present in all of this. In the end, I hope that when you view my art, you too can see the familiar in beautiful new ways.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

— Rumi